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Water flow sensor

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Model SMWF-50CC-coffee machine, ice maker, water purifier
Use .This sensor has application to coffee machine, water filtering appliance and so on. This sensor is used in water flow sensing.
Features • This sensor has excellent character in the lowest flow rate. • Out charateristice(Hz) has linear character in flux change. • This sensor has a half-permanent life by high sensitivity semiconductor sensor.
Download 첨부 Lowest flow sensor50CC-SWFS-50CC 240mm.pdf


Type : Magnet sensor
Installation : Horizontal flow ( Standard type)
Ambient temperature : 0 ~ 60℃
Permissible fluid temperature : 0 ~ 60℃(It shall not be frozen)
Material : Body : POM
Rotor : POM
Magnet : Ba – Ferrite
Stop ring : SUS 304
Efficiency Fluid : Water
Measuring range : 0.05~0.5 (ℓ/ min)- It can be changed according user's request. It is possible to sense at 300(cc/min) in horizontal-type.
Working pressure : 10 kg/cm2 (Withstand pressure : 17.5kgf/cm2 - 1min)
Electrical rating : DC 4.5V ~ 24V, 10 mA,
Max. Duty cycle : 30 ~ 70%
Insulation resistance : Not less than 100 ㏁ (Between the connector and body)
Dielectric strength : When AC 600V(50/60 Hz) is added between the connector and body, detecting current is under 3 mA.
Pipe Connection : ONE TOUCH NIPPLE(6.5mm or 1/4 inch)
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